DSCN0914 (2)Roberta Cone, Psy.D., M-RAS, holds a doctoral degree in clinical psychology and is a registered addiction specialist.  A successful program administrator and clinician for almost two decades in the oversight, development, and delivery of nonprofit intervention programs for the court mandated Batterer’s Intervention, Anger Management and Drug Diversion Programs.  Dr. Cone is a member of the Scientific and Medical Advisory Committee for the international nonprofit organization Amputee Coalition and has extensive public speaking and advocacy experience.   Roberta is also a university professor teaching about challenges facing the disabled.  She is passionate about the prevention of relationship violence (physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, etc.) and about her contribution as a research scientist in the treatment of chronic pain.  She is the developer of the Tripartite Mirror Apparatus, a visual feedback innovation for eliminating phantom limb pain.  Roberta has worked with the Veterans Administration Healthcare System effectively treating our limb loss veterans and returning combat soldiers for phantom limb pain, anger, PTSD, grief, and issues of poor body image.

2 thoughts on “BIO

  1. Dear Roberta. I came upon your website and thank you….it has helped me so much. I no longer feel like such a victim. I realize the reason behind my past mistakes. I am a co dependant and have just realized my ex was a narcissist and was incredibly abusive. I thought it was all my fault and kept trying to fix things. I knew deep down I wasnt the weak person I’ve become with him. I’ve suffered through my own addiction which spiraled out of control during my relationship with my ex. I was strong enough to seek help. He left me…cheated on me when I was in treatment. Has abandoned me and our son. Tells me I deserve to be where I am and that I ruined his life!!! He walked away leaving me with nothing but unpaid bills and in the process he has tried to destroy my character and label me as unstable. He hasn’t asked to see his son and has never supported him financially or otherwise.

    • Aisling,
      Thank you for writing to me. Your ex has been a great teacher/lesson about owning your power and loving yourself. More power to you for recognizing the victim trap. Life is challenging and sometimes we get more pain than we asked for. Having self-compassion is an important step towards loving and removing yourself as a victim. Keep showing up for sobriety and your son. I am wishing you an abundance of grace.

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