cropped-file2891328460067-800x600.jpgAmputee Coalition- Saving Limbs, Building Lives

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence: Safety Plan for Leaving an Abusive Relationship

Codependents Anonymous World Fellowship – “Co-Dependents Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women whose common purpose is to develop healthy relationships. The only requirement for membership is a desire for healthy and loving relationships”.


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  1. hello, i’m doing a care project about the loss of a limb and how much it would impact on an 18 year old male. what would your thoughts on that be and how emotionally, socially and physically he would be effected by this. if you could possibly help me along with that that would be really helpful because you clearly have a lot of knowledge

    • Dear Alice,

      I have a link in my Resources for the Amputee Coalition. There are many articles about psychosocial adaptation to limb loss on their website. You might do a google search for a local limb loss support group in your area to attend. Most counties have one. Thank you for your interest, the number of amputations will continue to increase due to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Being sensitive to this disability is appreciated.


  2. Hi Roberta my name is Anna, I have read your article about co-dependency and narcissism which I have experienced in various forms over the course of my life as a co-dependent, I would like to begin a correspondence with you although I am not quite sure I am technically doing the right thing as I am learning to use the internet, I hope this response of mine will reach you.
    I have been educating myself on narcissism for the past six months led by answer to prayers, what I mean is that I had both inwardly with silent prayers and then openly ‘called’ upon a Higher Source of Power to be guided to be shown the truth about a ‘relationship’ I had unwittingly allowed myself to pursue with a man whose behaviour was, to say the least, abnormal.
    I now know I was dealing with a covert narcissist and I have been able to sever myself safely from him since the beginning of July.
    Thank you for your article it has confirmed my life’s journey past and present…and future!
    It would be good to hear from you.

    Kind regards

    Anna Dylan-Bianchi

    • Anna,
      Good for you to follow divine guidance in your suffering. It is a painful existence with a covert narcissist. I encourage you to continue on your learning journey as a way to stay strong and heal. You have encountered a great teacher/lesson in finding yourself and creating a life that works. Keep showing up. Life does eventually get better. Thank you for commenting and following my blog. Please be extra tender with yourself through the holiday season.
      Best Regards,

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